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02 January 2012 @ 09:43 am
[music] Leftfield - Rhythm And Stealth  
Rhythm And Stealth
Artist: Leftfield
Year: 1999
Genre: techno, electronic, dance, chillout
Rating: 7.8 / 10
Fav tracks: Afro Shox, Phat Planet, Double Flash

Never knew the 90's electronic music could sound like this. It's pretty good and something you can still listen to in 2012. I don't know if I'm a big fan of techno, but I like this album because it has some noise in it and cool drum sounds. There may be some techno that sounds too 'clean' for my ears, but some of the songs in this album are not. Most electronic music repeats the same short part over and over again, I don't mind with that, but there's something about most of the tracks in this album that makes my ears tired. It's cool until the minute three, but when it gets longer, I just want to skip the song. Despite that, I still like how this album sounds. If Leftfield still wanted to make more music, it would definitely be something to look forward to.
Today Music: Leftfield - Double Flash | Powered by Last.fm
v1n_vampirev1n_vampire on January 3rd, 2012 01:56 am (UTC)
I'm here~ Happy New Year~!!! XD

I've been searching for the song preview link in your post like always. Looks like you didn't include it. Your last two posts are getting neater and more like pro site for music reviews (^^)b
Sunday: internet happysundaymorning13 on January 3rd, 2012 03:10 am (UTC)
Happy New Year!!! How was your New year's eve?

Song preview? I included my fav tracks that will lead you to youtube videos, was that what you meant? Hehe thank you. I thought this time I will post an album review for every album I get to listen to. Kind of want to listen to one album per day <33
v1n_vampire: randomv1n_vampire on January 4th, 2012 01:45 am (UTC)
Tired and sore... My boyf drag me to his home, bbq-ing after shopping. Not to mention his home is at Tuntungan (in case you don't know, just before Pancur Batu). And by motorcycle! My poor leg, back, and butt T^T

Oh, found the links XP
Sunday: oh really criticalsundaymorning13 on January 4th, 2012 02:58 am (UTC)
Ahh I've ever heard of Tuntungan. It's a notorious place that has a story of a family whose one of the sons' girlfriend is a monstrous evil...
v1n_vampire: teeheev1n_vampire on January 5th, 2012 01:45 am (UTC)
Really? You must've heard wrong. I heard she's an angel~ :P