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07 April 2013 @ 11:19 am
I have a business. I mean, I sell stuff. Anyone interested in rechargeable can speakers? Please take a look under the cut for two pics.

It comes with three head types of cables. You can plug in a microSD card, flashdisk, headset, a charger, and connect the speaker to your laptops, cellphones, or computers. Built-in 550mAh lithium-ion polymer. Built-in 45 mm full-band speakers, wide range, the maximum power up to 3 W. It also enables you to listen to FM radio. I have a coca cola speaker myself and it's proven to be able to produce very loud sounds. From personal experience, the battery life can last from 4 to 7 hours of active listening. If you want more pics, I can provide them to you.

I only ship the goods within Indonesia via JNE. If you live in Medan, it will be free of courier charges!
Types of cans : coca cola regular, coca cola zero, Heineken, fanta, Anker, Bir Bintang, Guinness.

I am setting up my facebook page, once it's done I will link it to you. I will also be selling women's apparel. Just wait for it! Or don't. Let it surprise you.
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