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29 July 2013 @ 07:39 pm
Ah~ It's finished. (Itazura Na Kiss ~Love In Tokyo~)  
So i am gonna talk about how this Japanese drama ends. Spoilers, spoilers everywhere.

Itazura Na Kiss drama in 1996 was one of the very first J-dramas I watched back in the day, along with Long Vacation and Beach Boys. I don't quite remember the stories but the plot was pretty much about a stupid, not-so-very-attractive girl falls in love with a good-looking, smart, and nerdy boy. I was in the mood of reminiscing when I decided to watch this drama.

Turned out this drama is played by a very cute girl and a way older guy as a main actor. They differ 10 years of age in real life, but the guy looks pretty young and expressionless most of the time. And this drama is also about foods. Damn, so many tasty-looking foods here *drools*.

At episode 11 and so on, i was starting to feel bored and realised that the drama can be so dragging, lots of unnecessary scenes with insignificant short scenarios. And some happenings just don't quite make much sense to me, but I let them slip, because it's a Japanese drama after all.

What i liked the most was when Irie Naoki (the main guy character) seemed jealous and did things out of jealousy but still didn't want to admit that he had feelings for Aihara Kotoko (the main female character). It's just pretty funny to me. ~Le sigh~

Now, pics taken from the last episode. Ahhhh, too bad it's finished.

he's telling his parents he's gonna marry a rich man's granddaughter. His parents sense something odd. It must be because he decides to help the company by accepting that rich man's offer to marry him with his granddaughter.

Pic just because he looks particularly good here.

After knowing he likes her and doesn't want to let Kotoko marry another guy (while he's marrying another girl), he tells Kotoko's father that he wants his permission to marry Kotoko. "You're shitting me."  facial expression Kotoko's father has. If i were Kotoko's father, I would be very, very mad and would never let such a guy marry my daughter.

Naoki's bro's facial expression when hearing that.
At Kotoko and Naoki's wedding. Ah. Kin-chan. Because there should always be at least one nice guy in a japanese drama, shouldn't it.

He looks like this almost all the time.


Pic because he's smiling. Rarity!

Btw the girl is very pretty. She's only 16. I really want her to be more popular in Japan and play in more dramas. She's pretty good as an actress.
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